Original airdate: December 21, 2019 

Hope you’re caught up on all 9 Skywalker Saga films, because we’re finally talking about the big film we’ve all been waiting for: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead. Take a listen and then join in on the conversation with us online, because we know you have thoughts on the big finale! 

March 26, 2020

74: Ahsoario Dawno 

We’re talking all sorts of things about Ahsoka Tano this week! Everything from what the character means to us and her journey up till now, all the way to that big bit of Ahsoka “news” that dropped a few days ago. You know the one, and if you don’t, take a listen to the episode and find out!   

We’re talking The Bad Batch arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars today! It was a wild and emotional ride with a lot of surprises (we never watched the unfinished episode reels beforehand), and we can’t wait to see what else the season has in store for us.  

Original airdate: June 13, 2019

We’re back from our accidental hiatus! With real life out of the way (and possibly sleep deprived), we caught up on all that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge craziness, some new video game updates, and then finally (FINALLY) had a chance to properly talk about the most excellent “Dooku: Jedi Lost” audio drama.

Book Club Time! After years of putting it off, Cat Ray and Adrian finally get to read and talk about “Dark Disciple” by Christie Golden, based on unproduced “The Clone Wars” scripts by Katie Lucas.

Anything ILLUMINATING happen this week? Sorry…

Anyway, we recorded a special life react episode (so please excuse the mess) to celebrate the HUGE and long-awaited reveal for Project Luminous! There’s plenty to be excited for as we head into the next phase of Star Wars, and we all couldn’t be more excited! Also, can you tell it was past Adrian’s bedtime?

Welcome to the final entry of our Story Lives Forever series, it’s been a heck of a ride! We’re ending things with the original and often overlooked (we feel) spinoff theatrical film: 2008’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated feature. Coming 3 years after 2005’s “Revenge of the Sith”, the Clone Wars film came at a weird time in Star Wars history and was our first introduction to Dave Filoni’s brand of Star Wars (as well as our intro to future fan favorite character Ahsoka Tano). Take a listen and then let us know how you first experienced “The Clone Wars.”

We’ve got another entry in our Story Lives Forever series, today focusing on the super strange creature that is Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Is it underrated? Shallow? A Falcon full of fun? All of the above? Hard to say (the answer is all of the above). You be the judge! Take a listen and then let us know why you love this film.  

Force Fan Podcast is back! We’re picking up where we left off by continuing our Story Lives Forever series, today talking about the incredible “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Arguably one of the most important films in the franchise, it’s impossible to fully appreciate everything about this film in a single mini-sode, but listen to us try anyway and then let us know why you love “Rogue One!”

Happy 2020, Force Fans! We’re ringing in the New Year talking about the final 3 episodes of “The Mandalorian’s explosive first season on Disney +. Sneak peek: We can’t wait for season 2! Take a listen and let us know what you think. This is the way... 

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